Up And Running Course

Our new Up and Running course is similar to the popular Couch to 5K but specially designed for group running.

We decided to focus our main sessions on interval running because it provides the quickest results and also means a session suitable for all levels. Complete beginners would focus on simply running the interval duration and after just a few sessions their cardiovascular system would adapt and improve so they would recover quickly in time for the next interval.
More experienced runners were encouraged to max out, to push the interval so hard that it forced their bodies to adapt, become leaner, stronger and get used to running at their maximum speed.

The Couch to 5K plan is a brilliant plan, but in reality as a group it becomes problematic. People miss sessions because of shifts, holidays, illness, injury or just “life” in general. Or it gets to the 20 minute solid run and some people simply don’t feel ready for it. Our Up And Running course focuses on the same principles as the Couch to 5K but it’s looser plan means if you miss a session it won’t matter too much, but our members are encouraged to try and fit in an extra run (or two) each week.

Up And Running Course

The sessions are an out and back route along the canal. It takes around 60 seconds for a healthy heart to recover during interval training, so we keep the walk intervals at 60 seconds to train the heart to respond and slow quickly.

Week 1 – 12 x 60 seconds intervals (24 minutes total)
Week 2 – 10 x 90 seconds intervals (25 minutes total)
Week 3 – 10 x 2 minute intervals (30 minutes total)
Week 4 – 8 x 3 minute intervals (32 minutes total)

After week 4 we introduce a solid run back. If members need to walk for a quick breather that’s absolutely fine! But we focus on running as much as possible, you’ll surprise yourself!

Week 5 – 8 x 60 seconds intervals (solid run back)
Week 6 – 7 x 90 seconds intervals (solid run back)
Week 7 – 6 x 2 minute intervals (solid run back)
Week 8 – 5 x 3 minute intervals (solid run back)


The course is free for all paid members, for none members it is £10. If you decide to sign up for membership after completion of the course you just pay the difference for your membership fee.

Future Courses

We have the Up and Running course running for 8 weeks, starting on 11th September 2019. We recommend starting the course in week 1 but if you do wish to start part of the way through the course please contact us beforehand.

In 12 months time you’ll be glad you started today!