Strength & Conditioning

Our personal trainers aim to provide our members a free strength and conditioning bootcamp each week.

Bootcamps focus on strength and conditioning using bodyweight exercises. Government guidelines recommend 20 minutes of strength training each week just to maintain your current fitness levels so we highly recommend coming along and even adding some extra sessions at home to see big improvements in your health and fitness.

Personal Trainers

We are very lucky to have fantastic trainers here to help! Our bootcamps are typically 20-30 minutes long and happen before the main run on a Tuesday and/or Thursday. Check our What’s On page for upcoming sessions!

Helen Bailey

Helen is a brilliant trainer, she’s super quick and will give you a really tough workout and she’ll smile whilst you’re doing it!

It’s all about giving your best effort and doing as much as you can, and our relaxed and social setting makes it quite surprising when your legs are aching the next morning!

Thanks for that Helen!

Jen Coppock

Jen used to be a roller derby coach, but after ACL reconstruction and getting upto 19 stone with child no.4 she turned to running to help shift the weight!

Jen is a gym instructor and a certified run coach, she believes less is more and focuses on getting maximum results in the shortest time possible, because every second counts!

Jan Turley

Jan is super friendly personal trainer and is a climbing coach, navigation specialist, football extraordinaire… whatever sport you think of, Jan has probably done it!

And done a bloody good job at it too!

She’s a brilliant motivator and encourager, approachable and wants to see you succeed at your goals!

2 x 20 Minutes Per Week

We encourage all our members to fulfil the weekly government recommendations of 2 x 20 minutes of strength training each week. The bootcamps help and all exercises can be completed at home so we strongly suggest everyone does an extra session at home or even just 8 minutes per day. It makes a huge difference for your health and wellbeing, and will also help achieve that personal best you’re working towards!

A big thank you to our voluntary trainers and coaches!