Ladies Only Runs

Run with like minded ladies with our ladies only runs.

When our club was set up, it was initially ladies only. This was because our founder knew how difficult it can be for us women to gather the confidence and battle any anxieties just to simply get out the door some days.

The number one reason for women not joining a run club is;

“I don’t want to slow anyone down”

Sound familiar? Nearly everyone in the club thought the same before they started running with us. Worries about whether they can run, or what if their run is really just a jog, what if they need to walk, or stop, OR SLEEP! Will they be able to breathe, or talk, or both. Will they wobble, will their leggings fall down, what if they don’t have the right trainers, what if they trip, fall or even worse….. LEAK!

Well if any of those haven’t crossed your mind yet, most of our ladies envy you! If they have entered your mind, hopefully you’re sat laughing because you’ll realise they’re not your thoughts. They are all our thoughts. All our worries.

Give it a try!

From the very first session our Run Leaders have “lead from the back”. This means at the very back of the group you’ll always find one of our run leaders looking after whoever is there, motivating, encouraging, and making sure everyone is safe and nobody gets lost, forgotten or left behind.

Our Run Leaders are all different paces, and whoever is at the back is there because they want to be, regardless of what pace it is. It could be one of our faster ladies having a recovery run, it could be one of our slower ladies enjoying their own steady pace or having a social run.

You will not be slowing anyone down, you will not be judged for your pace, technique, clothing, gear, how much you sweat, whether you forgot to shave your legs, whether your make up runs faster than your legs do, trust me! Whatever your big worries or concerns are, they are not worth sitting on the sofa feeling glum that you didn’t come along.

I promise you. You will love it. You will feel strong. You are a runner.

In July 2019 we opened our sessions up to men as well as ladies for several reasons. One was that some of our ladies had husbands, sons, brothers or male friends that wanted to start running but had limited options available to them. The other was that the number one reason for men not joining a run club is;

“I don’t want to be left behind”

So the same anxiety us women feel, is the same for men, it only manifests slightly different in that we ladies expect the support in group. But we don’t want to hinder others. Many men fear actually being left behind, forgotten or being abandoned.

We started mixed runs with exactly the same ethos of “nobody gets left behind or forgotten” to help our local chaps out there who want to start running too, but have similar worries to ourselves.

Ladies Only Runs

Our ladies only runs tend to be Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we also offer ladies only events. Keep an eye on our Whats On page for the latest information.

If you would like to join our facebook group and get to know some of our ladies, be kept up to date with our ladies only events and runs, or just chat in a ladies only group click here: Llangollen Ladies Running Club