What Happens On A Run?

Well done on wanting to join us and take up running!

We have different types of runs available, but as we are focusing in January on helping ladies completely new to running get started we have an initial 6 weeks training planned focusing on interval sessions.

These sessions typically vary with jogging/running for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, and an equal amount of time walking inbetween. Fast runners are encouraged to blast out their intervals at a speed they find challenging, and walk or jog back in the walk sections. New runners are encouraged by the run leader to pace themselves for the allocated time, this will take practice, but the last intervals should be the same speed as the first ones but feel a lot more challenging. An interval session will take a total of 30 minutes with fun games for the warm up, and a nice cool down as a group.

Still worried or feeling anxious?

We totally get that it can be completely new, scary, terrifying and SCARY coming to a run group for the first time. Let me take a wild guess and see if any of the following phrases have popped into your head since you decided this is something you wanted to do;

  1. “I don’t want to slow everyone down”
  2. “What if I get left behind”
  3. “What if I am too unfit”

Well the good news is that’s just the little voice in your subconscious just trying to keep you safe. It only knows how to scare you into staying at home where it feels comfortable. So it will say ANYTHING it can to try and stop you from coming along.

Slowing everyone down – that is the number 1 reason why women are terrified of joining a run club, so if it’s gone through your mind, one, twice or a million times, RELAX, we’ve all been there!

Getting left behind – we are like a family, nobody gets left behind or forgotten!

Too unfit? If you can walk, you are fit enough to join in our interval sessions don’t worry!

Our Run Leaders stay at the back regardless of the speed of the runners in the session. The faster runners are experienced enough to push themselves accordingly and return to the group during low intensity intervals or at designated sections of a run. Because the leader will lead from the back, that means nobody will slow the group down, get left behind, and definately not get lost!