Our sessions are interval based to help new and advanced runners. We have a rolling 4 week plan each month;

Week 1 – 10 x 60 seconds running
Week 2 – 8 x 90 seconds running
Week 3 – 8 x 2 minutes running
Week 4 – 6 x 3 minutes running

The plan is perfect for complete beginners to get started and is a much simpler way of completing a flexible Couch to 5k course. Many of our beginners try to fit the intervals in twice per week, either with the club or on their own. After 2-3 weeks if you add a “long run” where you aim to just run for as long as you can, you’ll be very surprised how far you can get! Then each week try to run a little further on each long run. Many of our complete beginners have achieved a slow and steady 5k in just 6 weeks by following this method.

One of our run leaders always stays at the back of the group, so you never have to worry about slowing anyone down or being left behind. The emphasis we have for beginners is to feel safe and happy and comfortable completing the set of intervals at YOUR pace. Speed will come, but only when you’re relaxed and feel confident and ENJOY running. When you start to enjoy it, you’ll want to run further, faster or for a longer time, but you must adapt your body and mind first, enjoying it is the key to success.

Our faster and more advanced runners use the club as a social running network, meeting other runners and arranging extra runs before or after the sessions. The intervals are still great for experienced runners though for boosting your speed. Simply run at a much faster pace than your normal pace depending on how long the intervals last for. Your body soon begins to get used to running that faster pace and you will achieve PBs and smash your goals!

Daytime Sessions
Meeting at Plas Newydd in Llangollen.

Wednesday 9:30AM
Thursday 9:30AM

Evening Sessions
Meeting outside Fouzi’s Cafe in Llangollen.

Tuesday 7:10PM
Wednesday 7:10PM
Thursday 7:10PM

If you would like to come along please fill in our online emergency contact details form here, and join our Facebook group.