5k Wharf To Chain Bridge

This is one of our easier 5k routes. It starts outside The Wharf in Llangollen, it’s a lovely little cafe alongside the canal when you walk up from the main road in town. There is no parking directly at the start but there are toilet facilities available (and amazing cake) when the cafe is open.

The 5k is an out and back run from the Wharf to the Chainbridge Hotel in Berwyn. If you turn right outside the Wharf, and carry on until the end of the yellow lines on the Chainbridge carpark you will get the 5k distance.

If you’re not in a rush, if you carry on past the Chainbridge slightly, you’ll reach the end of the canal where the beautiful Horseshoe Falls is waiting! Perfect for a relax and a picnic with the family.


What Happens On A Run?

Well done on wanting to join us and take up running! We have a lovely, welcoming group of ladies waiting to run with you!

The initial emphasis we have for beginners is to simply start enjoying running. So we focus on completing the intervals at your pace. It can take a while to work out your comfortable pace, but once you find it, you’ll feel safe and confident and happy and that’s when you start to feel good and enjoy running.

Our mid-week interval sessions alternate between jogging/running for 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes, all with 60 seconds of walking in between. We keep the intervals at 60 seconds rest to help train the heart to return back to normal in a short space of time.

An interval session will take around 30 minutes with a nice warm up, and cool down with stretches as a group.

Still worried or feeling anxious?

We totally get that it can be completely new, scary, terrifying and SCARY coming to a run group for the first time. Let me take a wild guess and see if any of the following phrases have popped into your head since you decided this is something you wanted to do;

  1. “I don’t want to slow everyone down”
  2. “What if I get left behind”
  3. “What if I am too unfit”

Well the good news is that’s just the little voice in your subconscious just trying to keep you safe. It only knows how to scare you into staying at home where it feels comfortable. So it will say ANYTHING it can to try and stop you from coming along.

Slowing everyone down – that is the number 1 reason why women are terrified of joining a run club, so if it’s gone through your mind, one, twice or a million times, RELAX, we’ve all been there!

Getting left behind – we are like a family, nobody gets left behind or forgotten!

Too unfit? If you can walk, you are fit enough to join in our interval sessions don’t worry!

Our Run Leaders stay at the back regardless of the speed of the runners in the session. The faster runners are experienced enough to push themselves accordingly and return to the group during low intensity intervals or at designated sections of a run. Because the leader will lead from the back, that means nobody will slow the group down, get left behind, and definately not get lost!

Come along and give it a try, you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain x

What Do You Need?

What Do You Need?
All you need to get started on your first run, is comfortable clothes suitable for whatever weather is outside. Typically this is leggings or jogging bottoms, with a tshirt or sports vest. If it’s cold then a hoodie or sweatshirt, and if it’s windy or rainy then a lightweight waterproof coat is super important. You’ll need trainers, whatever you have lying around will be fine to get started with on your first session if you take it easy, however the more running you do you’ll find that if the shoes are old or ill-fitting they can affect your feet, knees and muscles. If you decide to stick with us after your free runs are finished it’s highly recommended getting your gait checked and buying new running shoes that are going to be best for your body and stride to prevent injury.

You can also bring a water bottle, however be aware we may be running a route and you will have to carry it with you so you may want a small bottle for ease of carrying.

Your phone is useful for bringing with you, there are also lots of run apps to log your speed and route through GPS which will give you calorie counters and encouragement when you see progress. A great tool to download is an app called Strava, it’s free and gives you loads of data, we also have a free group you can join here – Llangollen Ladies Strava Group.

Nervous about your first run? We all were! But if you read our “What Happens” page we will hopefully put your mind at ease!