Welcome to Llangollen Ladies Running Club, where getting fit is made fun!

We are a new club that started on 1st January 2019 with the view to getting as many ladies as possible running without the fear of not being able to do it, slowing everyone down or being left behind. We soared to over 100 Members on our Facebook group in less than a month. Click to join our Facebook group

We have in the morning and evening, check out our meeting times for more information.

Your first 2 weeks worth of runs are FREE! So you can try the sessions and see if they’re for you without having to make any payments.

Weekly and Monthly costs for joining the club are £0.00 Yes – fitness is free! The only cost involved is a one off £20 membership fee which includes a free club t-shirt or vest when you sign up. This money goes to help the club buy equipment and fund courses for run leaders and coaches so the club can grow. If we join Welsh Athletics there may be an additional fee of £20pa which will give access to discounts with selected retailers, runs and courses.

Membership can be done online before attending a run so that our Run Leaders have your emergency contact details before you arrive (hopefully they won’t be needed!), please complete the online membership form through Google Forms – here.

So, you’ve filled in the form, joined the Facebook group, and you’re coming to your first run…

Check out our “What Do You Need” page to see what you need.

Feeling anxious or want to know what will happen in a typical session? Put your mind at ease with out “What Happens” page.

We have a lovely group of ladies all ready to welcome you to the club and the world of running. Many of our complete beginners end up being able to run 5k within 8 weeks, but the focus of our beginner runs is to focus on a comfortable pace and feeling happy and safe whilst running so it’s fun and enjoyable!